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Although we have placed testimonials across pages of our website, in some cases abbreviated versions, we have consolidated our testimonials on this page for your convenience. If provided to us, we have listed the student’s GMAT score and business school of matriculation. In a few cases, last names have been withheld by request. As you read through the experiences of prior students, we are confident that you will recognize the value that GMAT Genius can add to your GMAT preparations.

“You have an average of 2 minutes per problem. Two minutes per problem decides what degree goes on your resume for the rest of your career. Luckily, Vinay Narang can change the way you view the GMAT. He knows every pattern, every rule, and every nuance, making it possible to complete each problem within the time frame.

Whereas many other programs offered cookie-cutter practice manuals, Vinay offered exactly what I needed: intensity and systematic organization. He broke down the basics, ensuring that I could breeze past the intermediate questions. Then he taught me the nuances to score 700+ on my first attempt. He emphasized diagnostic exams true to the test, memorization to meet the stringent time constraints, and targeted practice to bring me up to my potential by my test date.

I highly recommend his teaching philosophy, his advice, and his intelligence. Business school tuition often exceeds $40K per year. Why wouldn’t you invest in GMAT preparation that ensures that you can maximize your potential? Vinay’s GMAT prep is worth the investment.”

-- Michael Exner, GMAT score: 710, USC Marshall School of Business

“Vinay was instrumental in my preparation for the GMAT. He is a gifted instructor who can walk anyone through the toughest GMAT question with clear, concise, and thorough direction. With his guidance and a fair bit of hard work, I went from consistently testing in the mid-to-high 600s to scoring a 760 on test day.”

-- Paul L. Stahlke, GMAT score: 760, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Vinay is the best, hands down, no contest. Prior to working with Vinay, I took courses with Kaplan and with Manhattan GMAT. I would have saved thousands of dollars if I had just gone straight with Vinay. In working with Vinay, it becomes very apparent that he cares about his students’ success, and will go above and beyond what is expected of a tutor. If you are already studying or planning on studying for the GMAT, do yourself a favor and give Vinay a call.”

-- Ken McMackin, GMAT score: 700, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Vinay is without peer in GMAT preparation. His steps to make complicated quant problems feel instinctive is truly unique, and I was able to exceed my own score expectations. From the introductory call to my admission decisions, Vinay's patience, responsiveness, and flexibility were invaluable. Vinay's own experience applying to business school and helping countless students through the process also proved instrumental as I began my applications and interviews. I HIGHLY recommend working with Vinay.”

-- Vijay Kalvakuntla, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

“As opposed some other aspects of the MBA application that I could no longer manipulate, such as my undergraduate GPA or my work experience, the GMAT was one area where I felt an ability and a need to perform well. Vinay gave me the requisite tools, tips, and confidence that allowed me to perform to the best of my abilities. His teaching style is at once personable and structured. He truly cares about his students’ performance and he always gives the extra effort to give his students every chance to reach their goals for the test.”

-- Fred Michaels, GMAT score: 750, Columbia Business School

“I have had several test preparation instructors throughout my lifetime, but Vinay has been far and away the best. Vinay was able to break down the difficult concepts in a clear and concise way. He genuinely cared about my performance and I would not have scored as high as I did without Vinay’s instruction.”

-- Matthew Kane, GMAT score: 710

“I highly recommend taking a GMAT preparation course with Vinay. He was very thoughtful in his preparation and teaching of the material. He took great care in making sure everyone in the class really understood the purpose of and answer to each question, no matter how subtle or advanced. He was friendly, professional and very effective. I know that he was instrumental in helping me get a 770 on the GMAT, which was followed by admission to Harvard Business School.”

-- Julia C., GMAT score: 770, Harvard Business School

Vinay is the reason that I mastered the GMAT. Books and classes are great, but a good instructor is the key ingredient. He was able to break down complex grammar and math problems in a logical, easy-to-understand fashion. Disheartened by my first practice exam score of 560, the difference Vinay made was both noticeable and absolute. By the end, I consistently scored in the 90-95th percentile. My official score was 700, which helped me get accepted to USC’s full-time MBA program. THANK YOU, VINAY!!”

-- Ariel Trybuch, GMAT score: 700, USC Marshall School of Business

Vinay is an amazing instructor! Prior to taking his GMAT course, I attempted studying on my own to take the exam and I was neither able to understand nor attempt many of the problems. Vinay helped me understand simple ways to dissect each problem and to answer the questions correctly. His tips were simple and very precise for the exam. He also helped instill a significant amount of confidence in me, as I took the exam. He is a very approachable instructor and I would HIGHLY recommend him to those interested in raising their GMAT scores!”

-- Aurora Kamimura

“The GMAT is an incredibly important part of your application to MBA schools. I tried almost all the available courses and there was absolutely no comparison. Vinay’s teaching methods, tips, and notes are by far the most effective in conquering the GMAT. There is no way I would have ever gotten my GMAT score and consequently offers from top ten business schools without Vinay’s help.”

-- Hardeep Johar, GMAT score: 730

“After 6 months of self-study, I was consistently scoring in the low 500’s on my practice exams. I was skeptical whether I could increase my score since I had already studied many of the GMAT reference books and study guides. Thankfully I was wrong. Vinay’s ability to teach the fundamentals of the GMAT was a tremendous help. After a couple months of instruction with Vinay, I was able to raise my GMAT score to 680 - an achievement I did not think was possible. I’m confident that Vinay was the main contributing factor to this 150 point increase.

Vinay fostered a comfortable atmosphere starting with day one. Whenever I had a question, he not only knew the answer, but also the multiple ways to arrive at the answer. Vinay was not only familiar with past GMAT questions, but was also able to come up with his own realistic GMAT questions on the spot. This was especially helpful when we went over the difficult concepts found in the 600-800 level questions.

I highly recommend Vinay when it comes to preparing for the GMAT. He is familiar with the material, skilled at explaining the answers, determined for his students to succeed, and genuinely enjoys teaching. There’s nothing else you could ask for in a teacher.”

-- Tony Sapounakis, GMAT score: 680, UCLA Anderson School of Management

“I came to Vinay for help with critical reasoning and the essay writing parts. I was unable to get higher than a 70th percentile in the verbal section and a 4.5 on the essay writing. With Vinay’s one-on-one coaching and despite that I missed 10 minutes of the exam, I was able to obtain a 90th percentile on the verbal section and a perfect score of 6.0 on the essay writing. As a result, I got admissions to Cornell, Haas, and Columbia. Vinay is an extremely friendly, approachable, thorough teacher and he is truly an expert on the GMAT material.”

-- Sudhir N., GMAT score: 710, Columbia Business School

“I was very uneasy about the GMAT, especially since I have been out of school for so long. Vinay completely put me at ease with his curriculum! Not only did he help me refresh the materials that I haven’t touched since high school, but he also provided tips and tricks that pushed me to a higher score. I easily improved 100 points from my initial practice test! I highly recommend Vinay to anyone!”

-- Jimmy C., USC Marshall School of Business

I have taken courses with other test prep companies and found Vinay to be the most effective instructor. I took his class in order to raise my GMAT score and was successful in doing that after completing his course! Vinay is very patient and adept in explaining some of the more difficult concepts and problems in the GMAT test. He was also able to analyze my performance on practice tests, point out areas of weakness, and suggest how I could improve. I highly recommend him as a GMAT prep teacher.”

-- Renee Eng, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Vinay was an outstanding GMAT instructor. He explained concepts clearly and brought a lot of insight and knowledge about the exam. He was both very patient in answering questions and very methodical in his explanations. Not only did he explain the reasons for the correct answer choices, but he also explained the reasons for the incorrect answer choices. This helped me prepare for the GMAT exam.”

-- Kevin Z., USC Marshall School of Business

Vinay is unequivocally the most skilled teacher I have had. He is articulate, patient, and a master of the GMAT material. I highly recommend him.”

-- Kele Yang

Vinay is an outstanding GMAT tutor. Most test preparation services give you generic test taking advice. Vinay not only makes sure you understand the problems, but he also gives you effective tools for solving those problems. It is not surprising that my score improved 50 points to a 710.”

-- Matthew D., GMAT score: 710

“Working with Vinay was great. He was very knowledgeable and always made himself available to answer any questions. As a result, I was able to improve my score on the GMAT by 80 points and went on to receive my MBA from Wharton.”

-- Puneet Sahi, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

“I really enjoyed Vinay’s teaching style. I was working full time (plus) at the time, but by following Vinay’s instruction and completing the material, I was able to score a 720! I’d definitely recommend Vinay’s GMAT prep services.”

-- Doug Klof, GMAT score: 720

Vinay was instrumental in improving my quant performance. He is clear, patient and knowledgeable, with a skill in explaining the same thing multiple ways. If I paid Vinay based on his impact he would’ve been paid a lot more.”

-- Dayne K., UCLA Anderson School of Management

“I took a GMAT prep class with Vinay, supplemented with individual tutoring. Vinay was an excellent GMAT teacher in both settings. In the class, Vinay effectively explained all of the math and verbal concepts to a diverse group of students. He taught the class at exactly the right pace and kept everyone interested in the material. During the tutoring, he quickly assessed my weaknesses and then offered perfectly tailored advice that helped me boost my score significantly. Vinay has an incredible knowledge of the GMAT and an amazing ability to convey his insights to students. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking a fantastic GMAT learning experience!”

-- Alpa Jain, UC Irvine - Paul Merage School of Business

“Vinay had his hands full with me! I have never been much of test taker and my math skills were short of amazing. He was incredibly patient and made concepts that I never understood easy to comprehend and apply. He was able to increase my score by about 100 points and I was very happy with that. I would recommend Vinay to any of my friends.”

-- Michelle C. Terpstra

“I began working with Vinay one-on-one after my first GMAT score wasn’t what I had hoped for. We worked together for about six weeks and he helped improve my score dramatically. He was great to work with, explained everything in a very straightforward way that was easy to understand, and made sure I understood the particular topic before moving on. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve his or her GMAT score.”

-- Scott Roegner

“I had the opportunity to have Vinay instruct me during my preparation for the GMAT exam. In just a few short weeks he helped me improve my score markedly. His knowledge of the testing process and “tricks” that help to increase your speed are invaluable. I had tried a few ways to prepare for the test, but my time with Vinay was by far the most valuable.”

-- Mike Neilson

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